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Anne Aly walks the runway during the Thomas Puttick show at Australian Fashion Week 2017 And as I turned to the left (because I am an ambi-turner) I looked back and let the audience have what they had been waiting for. A thousand gasps. A thousand clicks. There it was: Stunned Mullet. I had been perfecting my “look” in parliament, practising the Stunned Mullet in question time, along with my other signature looks, “Deer in the Headlights” and “What you talkin’ bout Willis”. Anne Aly walks the runway during the Thomas Puttick show. Photograph: Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images It’s in my nature to disrupt. Not because I deliberately set out to, but because it is more often the case that I just end up being somewhere where I am not expected to be – like parliament or the catwalk of Australian fashion week. And that is why I was keen to join other “muses” for designer Thomas Puttick’s first runway show. Inspirational women like Aminata Conteh-Biger, a refugee who established the Aminata Maternal Foundation to improve the health and wellbeing of women and children in เสื้อครอบครัว ราคาส่ง Sierra Leone, and others including women in their 60s, singers, actors and creators; women who are making their voices heard across a range of industries and roles. Puttick is only 23 and an incredibly talented designer.

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Arab Fashion Week brings unisex minimalism to Dubai Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Thu, May 18, 2017 | 03:11 pm Models walk down the catwalk wearing designs by Marchesa during the Arab Fashion Week in the United Arab Emirate of Dubai on May 16, 201 (AFP/Karim Sahib) Designers, buyers and influencers have descended on Dubai for Arab Fashion Week, a five-day event dedicated to ready couture and resort wear for women, men and those who refuse a label. The show opened Tuesday night with Jordanian-Canadian sensation Rad Hourani, known for his unisex designs, Palestinian-American Jenanne Filat and her menswear lineup straight out of Arkansas, and runway darlings Marchesa.  Hourani sent his models down the catwalk in geometric, binary-transcending designs "based on style preference rather than gender," with men, women and gender non-conforming models in layers of dark boiled wool and poplin, and all in เสื้อครอบครัว ราคาส่ง pastel slip-on shoes. Filat, of the US-based menswear line Barakat Bespoke, meanwhile decked her all-men lineup in suits, metallic lipstick, and no shoes. The week will also showcase designers specializing in abayas, a traditional robe-like dress that is gaining popularity among major labels as they move into regional markets. The International Dwarf Fashion Show will also host a show by American Wardrobe featuring models living with dwarfism. Models walk down the catwalk wearing designs by Marchesa during the Arab Fashion Week in the United Arab Emirate of Dubai on May 16, 2017.(AFP/Karim Sahib) While listed as an international fashion week alongside Paris and Milan, the twice-yearly Arab Fashion Week offers exclusively see-now-buy-now collections and pre-collections -- an issue that has been met with some contention by traditional gatekeepers in the world of high fashion. "Design is for everyone," explained Hourani, an invited member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, France's exclusive trade association for haute couture.  Hourani, the first unisex designer to join the association, was handpicked in 2010 by Vogue's Anna Wintour and the late Franca Sozzani to showcase his work in Milan. Along with Burberry, he has been a vocal champion of expanding the traditional system, and timeline, of ordering designs strictly as they appear on the runway months in advance. A model presents on the catwalk a creation by Rad Hourani during Arab Fashion Week in Dubai on May 16, 2017. (AFP/Karim Sahib) True to his aesthetic, his Dubai show was conceptually complex but structurally clean: square necklines, skirts layered over pants, and matte black shades in sharp contrast against uncoiffed hair and a soundtrack featuring the iconic songs of Lebanese diva Fairuz.

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